are Parergon

We are an independent games studio in Greece, focused on Mobile Games and Gamefication.

A Few
Words About Us

▪ Founded in 2017 under the shadow of Mountain Olympus in Katerini, Greece, Parergon aims to bring together developers and artists from all over the country to create fun and original games for international audiences.
▪ Our Games are fast, fun and fresh, combining easy to play mechanics with unconventional twists.
▪ We aspire to produce original IP and seek Publishers willing to help us realize this vision.


We are constantly developing new projects across multiple genres. Here are a couple of our published games and upcoming projects.


▪ Updates on our projects, crazy ideas and Ilias trips around Olympus.
▪ Facebook Page

Work With

Do you have a great idea for a game? We can build it for you!! Drop us an email and our team will be in Or are you a Cracking Coder? Illustrious Artist? Visionary Designer? We are always on the look out for great people to collaborate on the next awesome project.

Do you have a great idea for a game? We can build it for you!!! Are you a publisher looking for new products? Look no further! Contct us to get the ball rolling!!
Parergon Games